Water Heater Norfolk Va Woes: Diagnosing Water Heater Problems

water heater norfolk va

Water Heater Norfolk Va Woes: Diagnosing Water Heater Problems

When your water heater begins to make weird noises or emit odd smells, you will likely need to have them examined as quickly as possible. Many of the most common heater problems can be fixed without too much difficulty. In many instances, you will not need to replace the device. Instead, you can call in experts to fix the issue before things get worse. A-1 American Services are the water heater Norfolk Va experts, and have been since 1987, so you can trust our advice and our work, should you need it.

Here are five water heater problems that can be easily diagnosed with just a bit of poking around:

No Hot Water

When your tap fails to produce any hot water, you’ll likely be less than thrilled. Most families rely on hot water for bathing, cooking, washing dishes and a variety of other daily tasks. If you have no hot water, the pilot light may very well have gone out. You could also be dealing with a bad thermocouple, which will subsequently need to be replaced.

Foul-Smelling Water

There is perhaps nothing as frustrating as overtly stinky water. If water begins to smell like sulfur or rotten eggs, you may be dealing with a contaminated water tank. Technicians will be able to empty your tank and clean it with a chemical solution. Hydrogen peroxide is usually the best option. If the smell returns, you may need to change out the anode rod.

Brown Water

Water that is brown, red or orange may appear less than inviting, but there is usually an easy solution to the problem. Rusty water indicates that the anode rod, which dissolves as time passes to prevent the accumulation of rust, needs to be replaced. Quality anode rods are reasonably priced, and you should be able to return your water to its normal color almost immediately.

Crackling Noises

Crackling noises in the tank can be frightening. These noises are often caused by mineral accumulation along the bottom of the tank. When hard mineral grains begin to pile up, the water itself may begin to boil. This is the origin of the troublesome popping noises that may leave your family concerned about the integrity of the tank. The tank will need to be flushed out and the water softener carefully examined.


A water leak will often point to a problem with one of the component valves. Water that is heated beyond a certain temperature can leak out through one of the valves. Lowering the thermostat can take care of this problem. If water is coming out the bottom of the tank, then the structure likely has a hole in it. The entire heating device will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

More Information

If you’re having problems with your water heater Norfolk Va, and need repair or replacement, you can contact us at A-1 American Services for assistance. We can perform emergency repair work that will save you a bundle of money in the long run; we are the HVAC Norfolk VA experts!

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